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About Dr. Lahronda Little

Dr. Lahronda Little is an interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary spiritual guide and scholar with expertise in soteriology - salvation with respect to public health, religion, and spiritual practice. She is a mystic, healer, teacher, and pastor who draws from her rich cultural and spiritual heritage to nurture and guide others back to wellness and wholeness.

About Dr. Little


"In A Womanist Holistic Soteriology, Dr. Lahronda Little creatively and helpfully re-imagines a centerpiece of Christian teaching which has been too narrowly conceived and taught..."

- Bishop Emmanuel Y. Lartey

Ghana Methodist Church North America Diocese

A Womanist Holistic Soteriology: Stitching Fabrics with Fine Threads is a construction of womanist holistic soteriology that is inclusive of many voices and perspectives and promotes communal responsibility. A soteriology that considers notions of personhood, theology, spirituality, and praxeology is holistic, inclusive, and grace-filled.

Lahronda Welch Little conducts an exploration of the word “salvation” in different West African languages and reveals more expansive narratives around salvation that do not subjugate human beings, but rather encourage agency and celebrate the beingness of God’s creation.

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