About Dr. Lahronda Little
A Spiritual Guide

Unveiling Salvation's Story

Dr. Lahronda Little is an interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary spiritual guide and scholar with expertise in soteriology - salvation with respect to public health, religion, and spiritual practice. She is a mystic, healer, teacher, and pastor who draws from her rich cultural and spiritual heritage to nurture and guide others back to wellness and wholeness. Many of her lessons are from the gardens of her Grandparents, informing her commitment to womanist discourse. Her academic background and focus are Wesleyan theology, Africana religious studies, spirituality, and interreligious and intercultural encounters. 

 Scholar and Pastor

It was in the church that Dr. Little became an influencer on women’s health and well-being. Deeply concerned by the intersectional challenges of socioeconomics, race, gender, politics, and the environment, she explores these challenges through critical reflections on faith and health. Her explorations have been demonstrated through extensive teaching experience at Emory University, where she has taught courses on spirituality and health, womanist discourse, pastoral theology, practical theology, and vocational discernment. She is currently the Director of the Women in Theology and Ministry Certificate Program at Candler School of Theology and an Assistant Professor in the Practice of Spirituality and Health. Dr. Little also serves as a Safeguarding Commission Committee member with L’Arche USA, and she is a member of the American Academy of Religion (AAR).

In addition to her teaching, Dr. Little is the Lead Pastor at Ebenezer United Methodist Church in Conyers, GA, living out her faith to promote healing and wholeness in the lives of individuals and communities. She is a sought-after speaker and workshop leader for churches, universities, and small groups on spirituality, health, and social justice issues. She has been a lecturer and presenter to diverse groups, including as a Howard Thurman Lecturer at Morehouse College, presenting for the Association of Practical Theology. She has also presented at the AAR on the topic “Burning Incense to the Queen of Heaven: A Practical Theological Exploration of Womanist Spirituality and Resistance.” 

Dr. Little received her Ph.D. in Spiritual Care and Pastoral Theology from Emory University in 2022, where she teaches Spirituality and Health, Vocational Discernment, and Womanist Perspectives on Salvation. She also holds an MDiv from Candler School of Theology at Emory University and a B.S. in Integrative Studies in Religion and Health from Clayton State University. Her dissertation grew into her first publication, A Womanist Holistic Soteriology: Stitching Fabrics with Fine Threads, now available for purchase here.

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Professional Service
  • 2022 - UMC Black Clergy Women of the North Georgia Conference Secretary
  • 2021 - L’Arche, USA - Safeguarding Commission Committee Member
Academic Presentations
  • June 2023 - Member of Society for Pastoral Theology Pre-Conference Organizing Team and Facilitator of Pre-conference for Scholars of Color

  • February 2023 - Vocational Discernment Workshop conducted at Wesleyan College
  • April 2022 - Association of Practical Theology Presenter
  • February 2022 - Presenter for Compassionate Atlanta on “Sexuality, Healing, and the Black Church,” focusing on stigma and HIV/AIDS

  • November 2021 - Howard Thurman Lecturer at Morehouse College

  • November 2021 - AAR presenter on the topic “Burning Incense to the Queen of Heaven: A Practical Theological Exploration of Womanist Spirituality and Resistance”

  • November 2021 - Moderator of the Annual Women’s Forum at Candler School of Theology on the topic “Spiritualities of Joy in the Midst of Persistent Pandemics”

  • March 2021 - African Spirituality Presentation at Vanderbilt University

  • March 2021 - Vocational Discernment Workshop at the University of Georgia

  • May 2019 - Presenter on “Qualitative Research in the area of Ethnography in Legon, Ghana at Trinity Theological Seminary

  • May 2019 - Speaker at the opening of Peep-ters Extension Institute: Behavioural & Addiction Rehabilitation Services Residential Program in Legon, Ghana

Church Conference Presentations
  • June 2023 - Spiritual Gifts Workshop for Providence Missionary Baptist Church
  • June 2018 - Presentation of Spiritual Disciplines of the Examen and Fasting North Georgia United Methodist Conference

  • 2023 - Forum for Theological Education
  • 2023 - Interfaith America's Religion and Health Curriculum Grant

  • 2020-21 - Forum for Theological Education Fellow

  • 2020-21 General Board of Higher Education and Ministry (GBHEM) Angella P. Current-Felder Women of Color Scholars