A Womanist Holistic Soteriology
Stitching Fabrics with Fine Threads

A Womanist Holistic Soteriology: Stitching Fabrics with Fine Threads is a construction of womanist holistic soteriology that is inclusive of many voices and perspectives and promotes communal responsibility. A soteriology that considers notions of personhood, theology, spirituality, and praxeology is holistic, inclusive, and grace-filled.


This soteriological study begins with a historical overview of the development of notions of salvation beginning in ancient Egyptian thought and the concept of Ma’at—balance, wholeness, and moral ethics. Lahronda Welch Little conducts an exploration of the word “salvation” in different West African languages and reveals more expansive narratives around salvation that do not subjugate human beings, but rather encourage agency and celebrate the beingness of God’s creation.

Grounded in womanist and Black feminist discourse and methodology, this rendition of womanist holistic soteriology holds notions of grace, agency, and spirituality by stitching together interviews with theologians, scholars, and practitioners, utilizing the philosophical concepts of binary complementarity and holism, and sharing what womanist holistic soteriology as praxis looks like in a communal setting.

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Peer-Reviewed Articles & Reviews

Article: Can America Be Saved? A Pastoral Response to Racism and Covid-19 and an Appeal for Dreams, Visions, and Imagination
This article focuses on the possibility of salvation for the United States of America in light of COVID-19 and systemic racism through the practice of dreams, vision and imagination.
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Book Review: Womanist Sass and Talk Back: Social (In)justice, Intersectionality, and Biblical Interpretation
"For the womanist, rigorous biblical hermeneutics and lived experience are not mutually exclusive. Scripture detached from the immediate issues of life is merely an abstract, philosophical exercise."
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Book Review: The Spiritual Lives of Young African Americans
“One cannot deny the powerful global resonance of young voices that righteously demand a seat at the table to facilitate effective change that translates into clean water, safe schools, and environmental justice.”
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Book Chapters

Healing Dance photo
Chapter: "Healing Dance and Communal Movement"
In Making It Through, Together: Ritual Collection for Life-After-Loss, eds. Becca Bernstein and Billie Kanfer.
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Postcolonial Care Photo
Chapters: "Virtual Practices of Care"
In Postcolonial Practices of Care A Project of Togetherness during COVID-19 and Racial Violence, eds. Emmanuel Y. Lartey and Hellena Moon.
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Power of our Stories Photo
Chapter: “Creative Expressions”
In Power of Our Stories Won't Stop: Intergenerational Truth-Telling as Civic Democratic Practice eds. Hellena Moon and Madeleine Moon-Chun
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