Holistic Gathering Making Holistic Moves
In spite of COVID-19 and all that has transpired in the year 2020, even in spite of myself, Holistic Gathering is making moves, growing, and expanding. We were recently interviewed by VoyageATL. In the article, I share what has inspired this beautiful community and how I came to transition from one career to another.

I also spent some time chatting with Jessica Love, Marketing and communication Specialist of the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry in the United Methodist Church. Jessica and I had a beautiful time discussing what it means to be a Black woman in academia and why it is so important for BIPOC to have dedicated spaces for our voices. Here is the link to our conversation.

Apart from being surprised by these wonderful opportunities, I am deeply grateful to share with others my hope for better health for everyone. And most of all, I am grateful for family, friends, mentors and colleagues. Our lives together are tapestries of holistic gatherings.